Be Aware of Fluoride Everywhere – How to Minimize Fluoride Exposure

Originally published in Natural Awakenings Austin,December 2015

stop fluorideLast August, Austin’s city council committee decided to continue to allow placing fluoride in our city’s water supply, even though multiple studies demonstrate fluoridated water does not decrease tooth decay. The Harvard School of Public Health published a study that combined research with the China Medical University in Shenyang, showing that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children.

Since fluoride doesn’t naturally occur in the body, when fluoride is ingested or inhaled it can become a toxin and damage organs and tissues, as well as inactivate 62 enzymes in the body.

A study published in the journal Environmental Health shows systemic fluoride is linked to hypothyroidism, neurological problems like ADHD and autism, pineal gland calcification, bone issues and cancer.

Besides the water supply, fluoride is present myriad other ways. Fluoride is used as a pesticide and rodenticide on foods. Non-organic grapes, wine grapes, walnuts, cocoa powder, dried beans and dried fruit are typically sprayed with pesticides containing fluoride. Many drinks and beer are made with fluoridated water. Older leaf teas such as black or green teas absorb fluoride readily from the soil; therefore, a young or white tea will contain less fluoride.

Teflon-coated cookware can emit perfluorooctanoic acid, a fluorosurfactant, in the air and into food cooked in these types of pans. Some ironing board covers, razor blades and items that are stain resistant, waterproof and flame retardant contain this substance, as well.

To further lessen exposure to fluoride, consume only organic foods and beverages and avoid chemicals that contain or release fluoride. Filtering drinking water with additional fluoride filters or reverse osmosis does eliminate this toxin. Inexpensive commercial water filters typically do not remove fluoride. Bottled water is another option, but it is important to check the source to be sure it is not from a city water supply. Many supplements can detox fluoride. Iodine can help flush fluoride from the body. Fulvic acid, shilijit or a good trace mineral supplement is advisable. Turmeric, tulsi (also known as holy basil), tamarind, cilantro, chlorella, zeolite and antioxidants like vitamins C and E also facilitate fluoride leaving the body.

A clean body functions efficiently and easily wards off diseases. Detoxing fluoride, since it is so prevalent today, is vital to good health.