About Our Office

Dr. Joan Sefcik & her staff

Dr. Joan Sefcik and her team have been providing holistic, biological family dentistry in Austin since 1994.

Our office is fluoride-free, mercury-free, and mercury-safe.

When a patient wants to have their “silver” mercury amalgam fillings removed, we follow the IABDM PROTECT Protocol for the safety of patients, dental team, and planet alike.

Always, we strive to care for the whole patient through the best that modern clinical dentistry has to offer, along with the insights of physiological energetics and traditional healing wisdom.

We look beyond the mere physical to the energetic, cognitive, and emotional aspects of our patients’ health and well-being.

We strive to educate our patients about oral health and its relationship to their overall health so they can make the most informed decisions possible in pursuit of their oral and systemic health goals.

We work with them as partners in the healing process. We provide information. They choose action. We provide treatment with them as an active participant to support the best health outcomes possible.

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