We take a biological approach to the full range of general and cosmetic dental services we offer here in our Austin office.

Our cleanings are always fluoride-free.

We use only BPA-free biocompatible materials, never metal, to restore decayed or damaged teeth.

Essential oils, homeopathic remedies, botanicals, and other nontoxic medicaments are a natural companion to the dental work we provide.

operatory in the office of Austin biological dentist Joan SefcikSince the best teeth are the ones you were born with, we practice minimally invasive dentistry, favoring the least intrusive treatments possible to support your oral health and healing. Instead of jumping right to filling a tooth at the first sign of decay, for instance, we may be able to treat it with tools such as micro air abrasion, ozone, and nutritional coaching.

Dr. Sefcik follows the IABDM’s PROTECT Protocol for the safe removal of mercury fillings, a protocol rooted in the groundbreaking work of Dr. Hal Huggins.

Serum (blood) testing is available to ensure that the materials she uses to restore your teeth are safe and biocompatible. The composites we use for tooth colored fillings are BPA-free (including related compounds). We do muscle testing, as well.

As detox is a crucial part of successfully addressing dental situations that may be impacting overall health, we work closely with a number of naturopathic physicians and other integrative practitioners in the Greater Austin area to support your healing through and after your dental procedures.

Learn more about some of the specialized services we provide: